Entry #13

100 fav's

2011-11-22 10:09:30 by O-Prime125

FInally reached 100 fav's by users, thank you to all the people who have supported me from the past and present!

I really appreciate the support, I will carry on releasing more songs, I think it is time to step into another genre, I've just got a few more songs to complete before I move into another genre though, but thank you people!


- Prime


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2011-11-22 19:00:43


O-Prime125 responds:

Thanks! :p


2011-12-12 11:32:25

Hey man - Thanks for all your supportive music reviews over the years. Tell us all what your new genre might be sometime (I'm guessing it might include symphonic sounds of some sort?)

(Updated ) O-Prime125 responds:

Hello there, your welcome, It will have symphonic sounds such as violins, violas, french horns and some other creative instruments. Im looking to go into the classical genre seeing as I love orchestra songs quite a lot actually. :p