Time to step it up a notch

2011-09-16 21:29:15 by O-Prime125

Each beat I make I will make, I will make sure they are to my best standards, furthermore...I will be making a different variety of music going into different genres, I should be releasing a Drum and Bass song very soon. Stay tuned, peace!

- Prime


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2011-09-18 13:40:49

Sweet, you're awesome at drums so the DnB song shoold be great!!! Also, you should make a smooth RnB song sayin' you know how to use your piano properly :D

O-Prime125 responds:

Hehe yehh...im gna release just one hip-hop song first, then DnB and then an R&B i'll see what I can do ;)


2011-09-25 22:11:03

dude your beats are like ice cream to the mortal ears xD
sriously i really like your job and it be nice if you continue!

O-Prime125 responds:

Haha thank you, I will do don't worry...but I think I will only release a beat every 2 weeks or something because Im starting uni.


2011-11-16 19:39:41

Every time I hear your epic hip hop, or any genre, I instantly shit my pants from greatness. I'd love to hear you mixing it up in different genres that aren't just schnazzy hip hop! Once again, your music is awesome.

O-Prime125 responds:

Thanks dude! :)
I'll be stepping it up into another genre soon, i'll give it a try on DnB :p