Grandad Passed Away

2011-03-02 18:33:32 by O-Prime125

I am sorry to give this news to everyone but my grandad passed away on the 1st March 2011 and from then on I will not make anymore music, my life has changed quite a lot now, I will not be visiting this site much and nor will I upload any music, take care.



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2011-03-04 20:53:15

My thoughts go out to you and your family and I wish you all the best =/.

Its gonna be okay man. Im here for you if you need me.

O-Prime125 responds:

Thank you lots.


2011-03-22 21:36:23

Sad to hear you're leaving newgrounds but I wish you the all of luck in the future.
I liked your music man.


2011-03-28 22:37:45

I'm sorry to hear - But I don't think that should be a reason to stop making music. If it is your passion then continue, the best songs come from the darkest of days.

O-Prime125 responds:

That is true...:(


2011-03-29 11:07:00

dang,sorry about the loss,i dont want you to stop makin music

O-Prime125 responds:

It's ok man...I'll see what happens now....


2011-04-01 16:40:31

sad to hear bro. hope everyone is doing ok but this is no reason to stop making music. in fact you should continue making music in memory of him. make a track for him. im sure he will appreciate it from above. good luck bro

O-Prime125 responds:

It's k bro, and I know....its ok now :)


2011-04-04 21:35:44

do you think your grand dad would want you to stop makeing music ?? just thought i should ask

O-Prime125 responds:

Mhhhmm he was quite religious so yeh xD, but dw i'll continue=P